Thursday, May 13, 2010

questions - that we gotta answer :( lolz

1.Do computers give us more or less human connections?

i think it does- with out having to visit, of course.
an example is skype-you can see somone's face and talk to them through the amazing portal called a screen! it also does us a disservice by us not seeing somone personnally

2.If you had to write 5 rules for internet ethics and manners, what would they be?
1. watch that you know were you are going
2. make sure you're not making someone angry
3. check to make sure the website you're on isn't a phishing or bug site
4. use responsibly
5. never give out information unless you know exactlly what is going to happen to it and who will see it

3.Do you think teachers should encourage?

technology helps me so much doing homework that most projects worked almost solely on technology

4.Write a 6 word story summarizing on experience that you had "living" online.

it saved my life. i love it. (7 words but I like it!!)